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All-Round Protection  Against COVID-19. Disinfect your hands with Hagleitner septDES FOAM & working areas with HygienicDES 2GO neutral surface disinfectant.


1 Bottle of Hagleitner HygenicDES 2GO (1000ml)

1 Bottle of Hagleitner septDES FOAM (50ml)


Ideal Gift for your loved ones, friends or clients

From Austria 


Hand Disinfection and Cleansing

  Hand Disinfection

When used without water, septDES FOAM has been assessed and certified for hygienic hand disinfection according to EN 1500. Rinsing with water is not necessary.


 Hand Washing

When used with water, septDES FOAM is certified for hygienic hand-washing according to EN 1499, and thoroughly cleans the skin. The pleasant foam is gentle on skin.


Alcohol Free, Dermatology Tested, Suitable for Sensitive Hands


HygienicDES 2GO


Odourless and Suitable for Sensitive Surface
Kills 99.9% of Germs
PH Neutral Surface Disinfectant
Spray, Wipe and Leave to dry
VAH certification

    Suited for Flooring, Windows, Glass Panels, Workstations, Sanitary, Living Space, Kitchen